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Personal Stream Radio Setup

Setup your Instant Internet Radio Station in 2 min

Every music lover have their unique music taste. Different people like different kinds of music. It may happen that if you are listening to any radio stations on, you may dislike some music played on the radio stations. So what would you do, you will try to play your favourite music from your different devices like your mobile phone, tablet, ipad, car radio system or your desktop pc.
Playing music from various devices will solve your purpose but it will create one problem. You will have to store your audio files on your different devices. So it will consume your storage space and will increase your work of transferring files each time. So what is the best solution to listen your favourite music. Solution is to setup your Streaming Radio Station. There are many software's and audio mixers are available for this purpose but we will setup a simple and basic radio station using VLC Player in 2 min.

1. Open VLC Player. Click on Media. In the list, click on stream.

2. You will see the following file selection window. Drag and drop your audio files or click on add button to add files.

3. After adding files click on the the stream button. You will see following window.

4. Click on Next Button. You will see following window.

5. Select http and click on Add button. You will see following window.

6. Set your port number and type one mp3 file. Lets say test.mp3. To access your stream audio you will require this name. After that click on next. You will see following window.

7. Set profile as Audio - MP3 and click on next. You will see following window.

8. Click on Stream. You will notice that VLC player is playing your files but you will not hear any audio from your computer speakers. No audio means VLC player is in stream mode.

9. To check whether it is streaming or not. Type http://localhost:8080/test.mp3 in any browser. You will hear the music playing in your VLC player like this.

10. If you can hear music using localhost. It means you have succefully setup your streaming audio server. Now to access it globally. Find out your Internet IP address like this.

11. And replace it with localhost like this.

12. If you can hear music using this link. Then congratulations, you have created your own personal streaming radio. If you want to add your personal radio to our platform. Then send us mail at with your radio thumbnail, name, country, city and your streaming URL. We will happily add it to our platform. To broadcast this radio for 24 hrs you will just have to turn on your system 24 hrs a day.

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